AMA With Raymond-Testnet/Mainnet Launch

Raymond Xiong

On March 13th, after the three-month IntelliShare (INE) Pacific Plan global network node test, IntelliShare Founder Ray was invited to the IntelliShare Global Telegram group for an AMA event. Ray said that Testnet / Mainnet will be the main technology line of IntelliShare in 2020. In addition, many DAPP and Token applications will run on the upcoming mainnet.

Let’s go through the AMA:

1. Q: What are the benefits and adoption of IntelliShare compared to other networks?

A: The biggest benifit of mesh network is point-2-point network, it’s “equal” and “neutral” network that can self extension, self recover and self organized. Maybe we can call it DAO(Dcententralize Autonomous Oganization) network, that’s why we choose it.

2. Q: It said that INE has three layers: distributed network layer, distributed ledger layer, and public blockchain layer. How these layers operated separately?

A: Acutally, these 3 layers work closely on integrity. Besides these 3 layers, we also have eco-gate to allowing others to access in INE chain. The details, pls wait a short time till our new whitepaper coming out, and it will well explain how it works

3. Q: 2020 opened with Testnet / Mainnet Launch that is a very good process, are there any other surprise or just it in 2020?

A: Yes, we do. The mainnet coming out should serve the ECOs, we have many DAPPs and token applications on the coming way of mainnet.

4. Q: What is the main objective of the intellishare Testnet / Mainnet?

A: Actually, on the Testnet, we will test stability of the chain system and plan to run few DAPPs as well. Once mainnet coming out, we have more applications waitting for. If no DAPPs , no real application, how Ecos could be created? Testnet will be open to the public and everyone can participate and test it.

Q: Yes! So how soon will the public test be open?

A: It should be around the end of April. We are tesing by ourself and working on the details of how to apply for a test node.

5. Q: Can INE be mined or staked in the nearest future ?

A: Yes, the mining INE on testnet will be mapped to the mainnet, that means, if you join the testnet test, you can get INE on testnet testing. Once the mainnet comes out, anyone can use our mesh device

6. Q: What’s the estimated mining revenue of the Testnet/Mainnet of INE?

A: 26% of the total token supply will be used for the mining process. Every 2 years, the mining revenue of tokens are halved. That says, around each block, you will get 20 INE rewards, which is same as the testnet. During the test period (about 3–4 months), each block will get about 20 INEs. The exact amount please wait for the official announcement.

7. Q: Will there be any INE Token burning, halving and Mainnet launch at any point in time?

A: INE foundation announced around 35M INE buring last year. Those INEs are all from foundation’s share. Mainnet will be launched 3–4 months after testnet launched if we have no major problems of testnet.

8. Q: Do you have a plan to have a unique IntelliShare app as quickly as you have your own wallet?

A: Definitely we will do. Once testnet coming out, you should have an INE wallet to save your INEs. We are working on it now.

9. Q: What algorithm does the IntelliShare project use? What is the competitive advantage of the Intellishare project? How is the intellishare project better than its competitors?

A: So far, we have used POW + HWD (Historical Weighted Difficulty) to ensure the chain security. We believe that PPOW is still the true bulletproof discentralized method and suitable for our Mesh structure. But on the next stage, we may consider POW+POS mixing method. The prototype of this mixing chain already out. The details, still please wait for our new whitepaper.

10. Q: What are the biggest technical challenges does Intellishare face and how do you overcome in 2020 ?

A: Tech has never been a big problem for us, but ECOs is. And how our community can help us and use this chain to create more applications. Without application, the chain is just a useless toy.

Q: Will this chain have the ability to create smart contract for project who wishes to build on it ?

A: Yes, anyone could create smart contract for projects.

11. Q: Talking about applications that you plan to build on Defi, as we can see that most defi dapps are booming?

A: But unfortunately, these 2 days(check your wallet) we can see almost all the defi blow up. The model of Defi still immature. There is no problem building a defi application on the INE chain, but running this defi healthfully is another matter. Actually, we are working an application now, but just very very carefully. Try to digitize idle assets. Still, it’s in the state of conception.

12. Q: What are the steps that you can promise us to start implementing or working on during the next 1–5 years, and will there be your own blockchain developments.?

A: If everything goes according to our plan, implementation will begin at the end of this year. We have a 3-year plan, including developing our chain to the next stage.

13. Q: The Arab community in the Middle East appreciates your project. Do you have plans to develop and promote your projects in those countries?

A: If Arab community could join us, that’s a very good news. Acutally, our mesh equipments has a chunk share of our market.

14. Q: The current situation shows that smart sharing is more concerned about China’s development. Do you have plans for foreign community development? How do you plan to bring smart sharing to those regions?

A: Yes, we are strengthening the expansion of foreign communities now. any news, we may choose to annonce here and on offical Twitter first before to China. Everyone wants to know the new develop INE that have to sign up here.

15. Q: You announced the ‘’ 2 big exchange listing is coming in few days’’ in Dec, 2019 in a video for New Year Celebration. We’re still waiting to see INE on different platforms. Is there any news about this topic?

A: Yes, we are still doing these 2 exchanges. Everyone can see that Covid-19 … kinda delayed our schedule.

16. Q: Most investors choose tokens with high and stable prices to trade, how do you plan to make INE Token prices higher ? and what are targets of INE Token by 2020?

A: As the basis of the pure DAO(Dcententralize Autonomous Oganization) model, we believe that the price of INE is decided by our community. Nevertheless, we do have plans to make more people to pay attention on our project. The easiest way is to make our token price high. So, hmmm…we are working on it. That’s all I can say now. Just remember, without any participation, INE once went to $0.08, 50x from it’s initial price

17. Q: Price reflects value, why is it falling for so long now? What actions will the project parties take in the future to increase the value? The project party’s current location in China. If the Chinese government bans blockchain projects, where will the project go?

A: Price is still 4–5x from it’s inital price. If ECOs could be well-found, the price should go skyline-high(cross fingers, LOL). Chinese government maybe the only government offically support Blockchain appliations, but sure, has its limitations. So we are not worry about the bans, but worry how we could integrate into the government needs.

18. Q: Lastly, I want to know how the current state of coronavirus (covid-19) has affects the further development of the INE mesh network?

A: A lot of affect, mainly we still can’t work, the worst is our hardware manufacturer in Wuhan. This delayed our product by at least 2–3 months, completely disrupting our plans. And cancelled our business trip to South Amercian as well . We have changed our many plans since Covid-19.

Question Time

Q: Ine is planning about staking reward in future?

A: Yes, we are doing now. Keep eyes on our official bulletin board.

Q:When does INE go up to $1?

A: Our community strong as a 1 miilion numbers.

Q: We would like to know more about you, something private: are you married?

A: Engaged.

Q: What are the benefits and adoption of IntelliShare compared to other networks?

A: Check the previous answers ,thanks.

Q: Would there be an updated road map for the current year?

A: Will on our new whitepaper, should be ready in 15 days on our web.

Q: Do you/your team have plan to visit the overseas community in 2020?

A: If communities have such needs, we are happy to visit them.

Q: What are your main goals to achieve in the next 3–4 years? What are your plans to expand and gain more adoption? How does INE improve the understanding of the project among crypto participants?

A: Around mesh to build a private-protected network and the true Dapp applications run on this network.

Q: Which markets does INE focus on developing? Do you have a plan in Vietnam market?

A: As long as Vietnam market has such need, we will go there.

Q:What are the memorable milestones of Intellishare in research and development? Can you share more?

A: Without ICO, INE still can survive and becomes DAO(Dcententralize Autonomous Oganization)-oriented project, that proves a lot of me.

Q: What benefits are currently available for long term holders of INE? And how do you plan to reach out to more people?

A: Blockchain world consists of three parts: computing , storage and network,. we are the third pioneer.

Q: In the future, does INE have any plan to attract more users?

A: Yes, and hope you can help us.

Q: Do you have any plan to make an application or Dapps for INE in the future?

A: Thats’ what we are focusing now.

Q: What are your thoughts about developing INE for more people?

A: A better network and a better experience using chains to communicate.

Q:Does INE have its own trading platform?

A: Do you mean token trading? No, but we have our ecological trading platform.